Important Announcement

Warwick Institute of Australia, while not having any cases of COVID-19, has decided to deliver Virtual Classes online to protect its students and staff from unnecessary contact and exposure to COVID-19.

The start date for term 2 for VET classes will be postponed until April 20, 2020 and Orientation will be April 16, 2020. The trainers and staff will use this time to prepare Virtual Classes. From Monday April 20, 2020 we will launch Virtual Classes for all students to our regular timetable. Trainers and staff will be on campus and students may come to campus to use computers there. This means the end of term will also be adjusted to fit in all weeks of student and students will have a shorter holiday at the end of term.

The current plan is to implement Virtual Classes for the term, but this will be reviewed weekly. As the COVID 19 risks change, we will reopen classes for face-to-face learning when/if we can.

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