Important Dates

Orientation and enrolment

The Orientation session is usually held on the Thursday 9.00am prior to the course commencement date. On that day, student will get to meet with our friendly staff, have a tour of the campus, receive your timetable, your student ID card and have a chance to ask any questions about your course and living in Australia. You will be provided with a USB lanyard which contains all the information you need to know about Warwick Institute of Australia and a copy of all the forms you will need whilst studying with us.

Sample Timetable

We are very pleased to announce that in order to provide a more relaxed and flexible learning environment for our students, we are introducing a brand new Timetable. Students will now have the option of studying their 20 hours required by the National Code 2007 over a period of 2 days per week. 14 hours face-to-face and 6 hours online.

Important note: Time table may change on a term by term basis. Please check your timetable at the beginning of each term.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thurday Friday Saturday
Shift 1 8:45-16:15 8:45-16:15
Shift 2 8:45-16:15 8:45-16:15
Shift 3 8:45-16:15 8:45-16:15
Shift 4 16:45-21:45 16:45-21:45 16:45-21:45
Shift 5 16:45-21:45 16:45-21:45 16:45-21:45

Intake Dates

This is our academic calendar for all courses. For more questions about our intake dates, please contact our students services.

How can we help you?

Prefer talking to our student consultant? Drop us a line and we will get in touch shortly.