Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing

Course Overview

10787NAT | CRICOS Course Code: 109305M

This Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing aims to provide graduates with knowledge and skills in digital marketing required to perform the following functions associated with roles such as Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Strategist:

  • Review and evaluate the existing business, operational and marketing strategies and their applicability to digital marketing
  • Understand the benefits of each digital marketing platform and how to utilise these platforms to the benefit of the organisation
  • Analyse and interpret an organisation’s vision, mission, values and objectives, and effectively apply this to the digital marketing strategy
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders and tailor the digital marketing strategy to these individuals
  • Write and develop content for digital publication that is consistent with the organisation’s brand identity and marketing objectives
  • Manage the business’ digital profiles effectively to increase brand awareness and generate revenue
  • Use key performance indicators to monitor and improve overall digital marketing effectiveness, ensuring activity, quality, cost, and time requirements are met
  • Manage a team to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, implementation plan and strategic review process
  • Lead a digital marketing team and present to stakeholders the key learnings from the strategy and implementation

It is recommended that individuals should:

  • be 18 years or older; and
  • Have completed Year 12 or its equivalent with suitable English language skills.
  • International Students are also required to have an English ability at the IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

To enter this qualification, Students who have completed a related diploma qualification below with demonstrated knowledge of marketing principles and concepts, digital media platforms and software, and social media marketing

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Project Management
  • Diploma of Marketing and Communication
  • Diploma of IT

Or students that have completed a minimum of one year’s employment in a related field of sales and marketing, digital media and social media marketing or related field.

After achieving this qualification candidates may choose to undertake studies at higher education level.

This Course is delivered over a period of 52 weeks. 

• Digital Marketing Manager
• Digital Marketing Consultant
• Digital Marketing Specialist
• Digital Marketing Strategist
• Digital Marketing Coordinator
• SEO Manager
• Paid Search Manager
• Social Media Strategist
• Content Strategist
• Account Executive- Digital Marketing

Course Structure

8 Core Units

DGMANA001 Use web analytics tools to gather data on marketing
DGMWEB001 Optimise a website within a digital marketing strategy
DGMCON001 Develop and implement a content strategy for
DGMSEO001 Build and implement a search engine optimisation
DGMSEM001 Create and manage paid search campaigns
DGMMED001 Plan and conduct email marketing
DGMMED002 Plan and conduct marketing through social media
DGMMED003 Build and conduct display and video advertising

2 Elective Units

SIRXMKT007 Develop a digital marketing plan
FNSORG501 Develop and manage a budget

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