QLD Real Estate Agent Licence Course

Becoming A Licensed Real Estate Agent

QLD Real Estate Agent Licence Course

Being a licensed Real Estate Agent has many advantages. You are more highly regarded in the industry with the opportunity of a greater earning capacity, more options in your work structure, and are able to own and operate your own business.

A real estate licence in QLD allows you to:

  • Own or manage a real estate agency
  • Buy, sell, exchange or rent houses, businesses, land or any interest in these
  • Negotiate on behalf of a buyer, seller, landlord or exchange or rent houses, businesses or land
  • Show property to potential buyers
  • Inspect and assess property for sale or rent
  • Collect rent on behalf of a landlord
  • Advertise a property for rent or sale (includes setting up signs)
  • Open up a property for inspection for sale or rent
  • Manage an apartment complex and sell any units independently, without having to work through an established agency
  • Operate a trust account on behalf of sellers and buyers.

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. However, substantial work experience would be highly regarded. It is recommended that individuals should:

  • be 18 years or older; and
  • have an intermediate level of computer skills and knowledge
  • have access to a computer and internet
  • have completed Year 11 or its equivalent with suitable English language skills
  • For domestic students ONLY
  • Commercial Salesperson
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Office Manager
  • Director
  • Sole Trader (Individual)

The course is designed to be completed within 52 weeks, but students with prior industry experience or knowledge can complete the course earlier

If you want to be your own boss and practice as an independent contractor or open your own real estate business (and be a Principal Licensee), you will need Real Estate Licence training.

This course will enable you to apply for a Real Estate Licence through the Office of Fair Trading to work as a salesperson, property manager, operate as an independent contractor or own your own real estate business. There’s plenty of different career paths you can take in real estate, with professions including Auctioneer, Resident Letting Agent, Business Broker, Buyers Agent and more!


  • Flexible learning 24/7 access
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  • You can complete the requirements for the course online
5 Core Units of CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice

CPPREP4001 Prepare for professional practice in real estate

CPPREP4002 Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate

CPPREP4003 Access and interpret legislation in real estate

CPPREP4004 Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate

CPPREP4005 Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts


12 Elective Units of CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice

CPPREP4101 Appraise property for sale or lease

CPPREP4102 Market property

CPPREP4103 Establish vendor relationships

CPPREP4104 Establish buyer relationships

CPPREP4105 Sell property

CPPREP4121 Establish landlord relationships

CPPREP4122 Manage tenant relationships

CPPREP4123 Manage tenancy

CPPREP4124 End tenancy

CPPREP4125 Transact in trust accounts

CPPREP4503 Present at hearings in real estate

CPPREP4506 Manage off-site and lone worker safety in real estate

1 Core Unit of CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management)

CPPREP5006 Manage operational finances in the property industry

1 Elective Unit of CPP51119 Diploma of Property (Agency Management)

CPPREP5010 Manage customer service activities in the property industry

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